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Glass Harmony  by Trudi Schaller Mackay

Welcome to Glass Harmony

Trudi at Glass Harmony uses stained, fused and recycled glass to create unique artisan items including hand crafted jewellery finishing her jewellery with cork and mostly magnetic clasps. She uses cork as it is a natural material and she has introduced magnetic clasps as through her work with disable people over the years she is aware how difficult alternative clasps can be to use.

From her new studio she designs, cuts, fires, fused items on which she hand “paints” scenes using glass powders, fine and course frit. She also creates unique designs by moulding different pieces of colourful glass into interesting and decorative pieces, some depicting scenes, animals or designs where you can use your imagination to decide what they depict. Much of her recent work has been inspired by the natural beauty of Scotland as well as recent trips to Madeira and Australia’s Barrier reef.

She creates decorative window art but she also makes useful items such as bowls and spoon rests in addition to unique glass pictures which hang on the wall or on small artist easels.

Trudi is very aware of environmental issues so she endeavours to be as eco-friendly as possible in her work using recycled glass whenever possible and sustainably produced natural products such as cork in the making of her jewellery.

Glass Harmony Products 

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Glass Harmony Stained Glass and Fused Items

We make an assortment of items by using shaped pieces of stunning coloured stained glass, soldered together in interesting combinations using the tiffany method.

We are now offering fused glass items and a wide range of fused glass jewellery.

Glass Harmony Range

Glass Harmony  make a range of items including ornaments, Sun catchers, Art Deco House Numbers & Landscapes hangings. Our subjects include Animals, Dragons & Dragonflies, Angels, Fairies and Special commissions. Glass Harmony embellishes many o f my creations with unique wire work, gem stones, crystals, shells and air-plants.

We also have a range of unique handcrafted Costume and Celtic Jewellery pendants made from fused glass, shells, stones and wire work.

 Glass Harmony Special Commissions

We produce bespoke items to specific requirements and are also willing to make special commissioned items to order. Please contact us to discuss special commissions.

Open Studio

Glass Harmony is taking part in North Fifes Open Studio event on 4th , 5th & 6th May 2019.

Here you can visit the studio and purchase items , view the artist at work and relax in the garden grounds.

Out with this event you can visit the studio by appointment.

Cupar Arts Trail

 'Tales & Trails'

 15th June to 23rd June 2019.

Trudi would contribute to the ‘Tales and Trails’ theme as participants would be able to witness her craft in all its stages from conception, design, shaping and firing right through to completion.

They will be able to discuss with her what influences her work much as we have explained it tells stories through Celtic Folklore & Pictish symbolism inspired by her 30 year stay in Dunning; producing contemporary pieces thus linking the past with the present. Her interest in ancient languages such as Ogham which uses symbols based on trees.

Trudi has an extensive resource library and interest in symbols used in Ogham, Tarot, Runes and Shaman which she can share with participants. This will be an unusual opportunity to discuss aspects of art and culture with an artist in residence.

Trudi will also be able to use her work to talk about her trails through Scotland, the Australian Rainforest and Barrier Reef and Madeira.

Glass Harmony studio is accessible for wheelchair users and has a ground floor toilet. During their visit participants will be able to purchase unique items from the Glass Harmony collection.

Healing arts is a way of communicating between the conscious and subconscious mind.